Our Mission

Dedicated to raising support for vastly underfunded childhood cancer research, which receives just 3.8% of funding spent by the United States on cancer research.


How we raise funds

Forever Fierce conducts multiple fundraisers throughout the year to both create awareness, and more importantly generate donations for childhood cancer research. The majority of events are held at public venues, and vary from a winter ball to golf tournaments. We are also always accepting donations via our website.

Research funded to date

So far this year we have donated $10,000 directly to research at John's Hopkins University in Baltimore. Keep your eye on our social media pages for more donations throughout the year!

Forever Fierce Feasts

One of our favorite ways to give back, is by going to John's Hopkins Children's Center every Friday night to deliver dinner, and dessert, to the children, familes, and staff of the pediatric oncology ward. We do not use any of our donations for this, instead, we partner with multiple local and national restaurants, such as but not limited to: Shake Shack, Chick fil A, and Squire's.

If you are in the Baltimore area and would like to connect us with as a partnering restaurant, please reach out to us via the information on the contact page.

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Passion Over Profit

We take no salaries at Forever Fierce. We are run purely by volunteers, so that more of your donations can go directly where it is needed most, childhood cancer reseach. Our motto "Fierce Against Childhood Cancer" means that we will never stop fighting to destroy this disease, by continuing to raise awareness, and directly fund research to eradicate childhood cancer.  

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One Piece at a Time

Research like anything takes time. This is a complex puzzle our researchers are putting together. Help us give them the pieces they need to complete their mission to erradicate childhood cancer.

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Research Development

Help us deliver the tools and equipment required to conduct cutting edge research. All donations will be focused on facilitating an active research lab.